Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Heart Beat

My heart started beating
In time with yours,         
Every time your heart skipped a beat,
So did mine.
I couldn't feel
The beat of your heart,
Then my heart skipped a beat    
And I started to cry.
After what felt like an eternity
I felt the familiar beat;
So close,
Yet, not so close.

Since then;
Your heart started to beat
In time with mine,
If my heart skipped a beat
So did yours,
Every single time.

The time has passed
And we have grown apart
My heart now beats,
A different beat from yours.
But the familiar beat
I much recall.
For, so long
Our hearts
Were beating as one.

Love you Amma.


  1. nice poem..
    if you have much time, please visit my blog too..

    1. thanks...i got caught in the rain too...:)